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I am finally back in the warmth of my homeland and readjusting to the tropical weather – it’s really not so hard! I loved my time in the UK and there are so many  things I will miss but I am sure that once I have adjusted to ‘island time’ again I will be fine. I am already feeling the health benefits of the Cayman Islands climate.

Before leaving England I began work on a whimsical series of views of Cayman – the way I remember it from my childhood. There are three paintings so far and as they are so new they are as yet untitled.  All are acrylic on canvas.

Cayman Islands Fishing   Cayman Catch    Cayman1

My hope is that once the series is completed that I will be able to produce an  extensive catalogue of reproductions including cards, stationery, calendars and full size prints, probably giclees. I’d love to hear what people think about these pictures – are they worth pursuing? I think they have great commercial potential although being such a departure from what  I really love doing it is hard to convince myself of their artistic merit. I still love ’em though!

I will be back soon to share more new work and tales from my show in the UK back in November but I hope that for now you will enjoy these recent pieces.


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What a hectic few months it has been! I apologize to everyone who has visted the blog and left comments since August last year for the complete absence of any new content.

I have finally got back to the islands with my husband and although we are far from settled yet we do at least have sporadic internet access once more.

I plan to get blogging again over the next few weeks and will post updates on my last show in England and my planned shows on Cayman. I have been painting some whimsical island scenes which I am hoping  people will find interesting and I have several new paintings to showcase here which will be more familiar to those who know my style. As far as personal life goes there is also much to tell…….more of that along with art really soon.

I also have to read through so many blog posts from my fellow bloggers and for those of you who are still around waiting patiently for me to return I say a big thank you! 

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