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Before finally leaving the blog alone today I wanted to put up some quick previews of the latest two pieces in the Bygone Cayman series.

With the sale of  “Cayman Alarm” and “Rush Hour” last week, I wanted to make sure that the gallery was provided with replacement pieces, particularly as they have generated so much interest and some buyers have already  expressed the desire to be kept informed when new paintings from the series go on sale. Anyhow, here are the latest paintings, still not varnished and barely dry.

The Shade

This first painting is titled “The Shade” and will shortly be on display at the Morgan Gallery.  As with the rest of the series it will also be made available as a high quality signed giclee print, details of which can be obtained directly from the gallery.

The second painting (the eighth in the series) simply named “Coolin’ Off” can also be viewed there.

Coolin’ Off

I hope you will enjoy them, I’ve had a lot of fun painting this series and each one has surprised me in its own way.

I’ll talk more next time about the other paintings now residing at the gallery, plus some news about upcoming events on the island where I hope to be exhibiting more new work.

I’ve worked enough on this for now but I do have one plea before putting the laptop to bed – Grand Cayman desperately needs an art supplies store. The island is full of creative people and the only reliable store we had has gone out of business. Talking to some friends it seems they have had to resort to making trips to the USA to collect all their stuff – they pool resources and one goes on the buying trip. Ordering online is all well and good but we get truly shafted on import duties here so if there are any entrpreneurs on Grand Cayman, here is your chance! Open an arts supply store where there will be zero competition!!! I’ve run out of white paint and my Dick Blick order from Fed Ex has still not arrived……..aaarrrggghhh.

See you all next time


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I had a visit from a lady named Kim a short while back and she asked me to have a look at a website called MyArtPlot.com

Ever inquisitive, I decided to pay them a visit and see what it was all about. The first thing to note is that the site is still in its infancy (and still in Beta) but  the people behind it do seem to have put a lot of thought into what they believe so many artists and lovers would like to see. The idea of an online community connecting artists and art lovers, to enable a free flow of information, critique and  discussion plus a marketplace for people to sell/buy original artwork, is not a new one, and whether MyArtPlot will succeed will depend on a great number of factors.

The first thing in their favour is that the site is free to join which will encourage many people to sign up. The site itself seems pretty user friendly and its design is reasonable, if not really stunning. Navigation and page loading is fast and it’s pretty easy for potential buyers to find whatever interests them – always a plus when online art galleries are so often crammed to overflowing with thousands of artists offering work in a multitude of disciplines.

The mission statement of MyArtPlot is to combat elitism in the art world. This is an admirable aim and their optimism and enthusiasm comes across quite clearly in their introductions. You can sign up as a Social, Professional or Commercial member (all levels are free) and if you do decide to sell your work through the site, they make the process as painless as possible for sellers. They will take care of credit card payments etc. and although I haven’t delved into their payment structure too deeply, the seller will pay a commision to them for each sale.

If you are looking for your first online sales avenue or want to expand your presence online to another virtual gallery you may well want to give them a try. There is now a great deal of competition out there for these types of sites but as there is no upfront cost to artists this one could well be worth a try. The site also provides a platform for members to blog, give and receive reviews, and interract with the entire community of artists and hopefully art buyers.

In view of my already overstretched commitments I haven’t signed up myself, but if you want to know more pay MyArtPlot a visit and see for yourself what the site can do for you.

I wish the community and its creators every success in their venture.


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New Look For Arteccentrix

Hi everyone, I thought it was time for a new look and really liked this theme which I think is far easier on the eye than the old template – hats off to the designer and to WordPress for getting some fresh new themes up and running.

My next entry is on the way and I’m looking for artists/photographers who would like to see their work publicized at Arteccentrix. Just contact me through these pages and we will review your website/blog and publish our findings here.

In the meantime let me know what you think of the new clothes, because it’s you, my readers, who matter most 🙂 


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This is a bit of a departure for me but has come about because someone asked me this very question the other day. I apologize to readers who find this piece a little off topic but thought I’d give the subject a few lines and share my limited wisdom.

This blog is not monetized – although not in a huge way. When I began this blog it was not designed to generate income, simply to promote art from around the world, including my own work of course. If you would like to know more about sponsored posting and the like, have a look at my page “Blog Arena”

A blog, as everyone will tell you, can indeed make you money and I have learned much from my husband in this regard as he is an avid blogger himself. If you are looking to earn some extra income from blogging there are plenty of blogs out there dealing with that subject alone. Try Blogging and RSS Information or Bloghelp as a starting point.

There IS a lot of information to digest but it will give anybody a real insight into every aspect of blogging, including,but not limited to, profiting from your writing. In addition there are two sister sites which may be of use, Google Adsense Information and Google Information  & Tips. All of these sites contain useful information if you are looking to profit from your blog or website and if you already have some experience in the field you may still learn something new.

There is a lot of reading material at these sites but bookmarking them and learning a little at a time would be my recommendation. There are people out there who really do make a living from their blogs and have even given up their day jobs as a result. If that is your ultimate aim, keep working at it, learn from the success of others and there is no reason why you cannot be making a good income. I wouldn’t go as far as to say you can be financially independent with any great ease, but there are plenty of people sharing their knowledge out there if you care to do the work.

I hope that this information will expand the blogging experience for some readers and wish all you would be bloggers for profit every success in your ventures! Next time we’ll be back to my true passion – art, art and more art! 

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At the end of another busy week I’ve managed to find time to sit and bring you up to date on a few more Grand Cayman happenings! 

First off, there is a new Cayman Blog on the block…..it’s in its early days but please pop over and visit Island Cowboy at his new blogger home -seems as though it will be a mixture of all kinds Cayman related chatter through the eyes of an ex pat. Could be interesting and there are always some nice island pictures to view.

Another bit of good news for me since returning home has been my first sale (of an original painting). I painted Mall Rats whilst in England and had already sold a similar styled work to a customer in Arizona. Since then Mall Rats has lived above our bed in the apartment in Helston. I picked it up on impulse last week and took it to show Geraldine at the Morgan Gallery – apparently a friend of hers saw it, fell in love with it, and bought it! It was one of those unexpected quick sales, because although I have always liked the painting, I didn’t really see it as a hot prospect in the gallery market place. Nonetheless I am glad it has found a new home and hope that the owners will derive much pleasure from it. Here it is in all its glory!

Mall Rats - Nickola McCoy

Since the whimsical “Bygone Cayman” series went on public display there have been a number of comments and they seem to have been well received even though a number of people have been shocked by such a departure from my recognized work. I feel it’s good to shake things up now and again and although the  paintings may not be to some people’s taste, they do represent another step in my personal life and do hold a lot of meaning for me. The expected criticism (i.e that they are blatantly commercial) has not been voiced to me although I have no doubt that some folks will view them in that light. As I write this I have received a mail advising that”Rush Hour” has just been sold by the gallery – commercialism? Maybe, but a girl and her family have to eat and I hope that this painting too will bring endless pleasure to its new owner.  This is one of the works being made available as a high quality giclee so, in a sense, it is not gone forever!

Rush Hour

The six paintings were displayed recently at the Celebration of Art, an annual festival, held in aid of the National Gallery, this year at Pageant Beach, alongside the Wharf Restaurant. Although none of my work was sold at the event, I do have the prospect of a new commission from someone interested in a similar style of work on a larger scale. All in all it’s been a successful week workwise and, I hope, a sign of more good things to come.

Thanks to everyone who has stuck with me at the Arteccentrix blog through a long period of inactivity and also to everyone who has sent me their kind words both in comments and emails.


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Some time ago now I painted a picture called Blue Moon – an acrylic on paper. While I was in England, I sent the painting back to Grand Cayman for display in a local gallery. It was mounted and framed on the island, so, until a couple of days ago, I had not seen it myself.

The picture below may not really do it justice and I apologize for the reflections in the photograph but I was so pleased with the framing I wanted to show it off in the blog. The picture is now for sale and I will of course consider offers made through this site, and also answer any queries rearding pricing. Click on the thumbnail to see a larger image.

Blue Moon Abstract

My next blog, if all goes according to plan, will be a longer piece all about some of the other artists living and working in the Cayman Islands so please stay tuned for more on the richly varied works that can be found here.

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Reproductions Finally Here!

 7 Mile Beach

I’m back again and pleased to be able to say that I’ve had quite a lot of positive news in the past few days.

I have been working with the Geraldine at the Morgan Gallery since returning to Grand Cayman and am very excited about the latest developments. With the invaluable help of the gallery I am finally entering the giclee market. Having seen the quality of the prints I am more than happy to see reproductions of my work made available for sale and we have decided to start with my latest project, the series that I have  decided to name “Bygone Cayman”. I have already shared a few of the paintings from this series on earlier posts but in view of the positive feedback already received, I have decided to leave the project open ended and will continue to add to the series on a fairly regular basis. The first six original pieces will be made available for sale this weekend at the celebration of art festival next to the Wharf Restaurant on Cayman and subsequently displayed at the Morgan Gallery. I am thrilled to have been so warmly received and a big thank you goes out to Geraldine and her husband Steve for their belief in my art, and all their hard work in getting the reproductions off the ground.

Not only are they producing this run for “Bygone Cayman”,  they have also offered to do prints of any of my paintings at a very reasonable cost to me, which means that I can fulfill requests for individual prints far more easily than I ever could have done before.  

Together with my husband, I have also been researching the prospect of producing postcards and notecards using some of my work and we are intending to dip our toes in the water soon. Much will depend on the reaction from local retailers, but we feel positive that the concept will be well received and gives us another outlet for my paintings.

I have been catching up with so many old friends during the past three weeks and it has been wonderful to be back home – if anyone reading this hasnot seen me yet, I apologize! It suddenly dawned on me just how many folks I know here, and how long it will probably take to touch base with them all.

I shall sign off for now because I have promised to provide some background and pictures to another good friend, Christopher Talbot, at Cayman Net News who, as always in my corner, is willing to fill a few more column inches with tales from this travelling island girl.

I’ll leave you with a couple more paintings from the “Bygone Cayman” series – Cayman Alarm and  Breeze Through The Grapes

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