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Hi Everyone

A quick apology for my absence but several things have taken priority over the blog in the past few days. I have managed to produce some work for the Cayfest celebrations and I will post more about those soon.

The last few days have seen my husband locked away in his home office working on his new domain at TheCaymanHost.com (I don’t really understand exactly what his business is all about but it means he works from home so I’m not complaining) and I have been painting and banging nails and sawing wood for all I’m worth. We have been passing at meal times and collapsing into bed each night and falling asleep in mid conversation, him mumbling about Search Engine Optimization and me about sponsors and paintings!

I also have news of a big solo art show coming up…….I’m really excited about it and again, more news soon. Thanks to all the commenters, I promise to respond really soon ūüôā

Have a great day everyone



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I very nearly forgot to post  about my recent triumph in a poetry competition!

OK, that sounds rather boastful of me I know, but I’m the kind of person who rarely, if ever, wins competitions so I’m quite proud of myself. The main reason for posting was to thank Nicole Hyde for giving me the opportunity and to encourage people to go and have a look at her blog, Nicole Hyde Fine Art

Nicole is an artist from Colorado who states a preference for working in oils and if you can spare a few seconds I’m asking everyone to go and vote for a painting she has entered in the Saatchi Gallery Showdown – it is a very moody landscape and it would be great if we could help increase the voting for her – not that the painting doesn’t merit our votes, but hey, bloggers help bloggers right? You have only until April 9th, So – Click here to place your votes

Good luck Nicole and let us know how you get on.

I can’t wait to receive my prize – thanks so much – I shall put a picture up for all to see. Oh, and look out for future competitions at Nicole’s blog,¬† and you too might win one of her excellent paintings – just like me ūüôā


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Back in June of last year I wrote a piece about online art galleries. I think that after all this time, it’s about time to givea quick summary of what the passing of time has made apparent.

1) Hosted online galleries do not bring much in the way of sales of fine art. In the two years since the experiment of registering with several organizations the sum total of sales directly attributable to hosted galleries is four paintings. None of these individual sales amounted to more than a few hundred dollars. I won’t name the various sites, not wishing to denegrate any of their services. I relate this as purely my own experience.

2) There are now so many of these galleries, often hosting thousands of hopeful artisans, that the chances of a visitor stumbling across your work have become less and less likely. Information overload will overwhelm most people long before they make a buying decision.

3) What does sell is very likely to be at the very bottom of the price scale. Few people are willing to spend a lot of money on original paintings if they can’t see them up close and in person. This is quite understandable; I certainly wouldn’t do it, unless I was already very familiar with the artist and their work, and this is not likely to be the case for most artists trying to sell through these channels.

4) Serious art buyers go to galleries, read art publications and know what they like. You are very unlikely to tap into such a market through a free or paid gallery hosted by a third party.

So, is it all doom and gloom, are most starving artists destined to remain that way? (more…)

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Frida Kahlo

Two years ago I watched the film ‚ÄúFrida Kahlo‚ÄĚ which starred Salma Hayek. I was riveted to my seat by what I saw and could not help but relate to it. Today I stumbled upon this site about Mrs. Kahlo-Rivera and I was again reminded of how much I understand this woman and the pains she endured, both physical and emotional.¬†Throughout this suffering, no excuses were made, she loved and lived with a vitality that is remarkable under her circumstances. The love she shared with her partner Diego Rivera, an artist of equal repute, is unquestionable.¬†I can appreciate the passion she felt for someone who understood her as no other. My new husband is not only a friend, but a partner and a soul mate. He understands the creative being that I am, which is a bit bewildering as sometimes I am not even sure I understand me all that much.

As an artist I understand the freedom that comes with physical and emotional pain. Many artists will tell you, upon reflection, that they work best under duress, be it emotional or physical. It is not unheard of in the creative community that personal pains are often the catalyst for some of the most wonderful works of art. (more…)

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I have had to modify my feed address and am asking all my wonderful subscribers to please amend your feeds either by using the Add Me button in the sidebar of my blog or by using the following new url:-


Thank you everyone and apologies for the hassle.


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Continuing the¬†recent series here at Arteccentrix exploring abstract art, I am publishing another third party’s take on abstraction in its various¬†forms.¬†I think it is fair to say, based on recent feedback, that the debate surrounding the validity of abstract art¬†will rage on and on for a long, long time. I hope that this article will help explain to the uninitiated, a little more about abstract, modern and contemporary painting.

As an artist, abstraction is my first love, to me, there is nothing more challenging or rewarding than completing a painting that I feel is completely original and reflects the emotions, inspiration and maybe meaning that I set out to express.

Defining Abstract Art by Lynne Taetzsch (more…)

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I found this painting in my archives the other day, which was a bit of a puzzle as I didn’t recall painting it, and I don’t use watercolours!¬†

Cayman Streets

I thought perhaps it was an image someone had downloaded from the web in the dim and distant past, maybe I had even done it myself. It was so very familiar though……..when I mentioned it to my husband he grinned and came over all mischevious. After having his fun he finally fessed up that he was the one responsible – I was surprised to say the least as he is not the painting kind and how on earth could he have found the time to produce a painting without me knowing a thing about it?

The answer is obvious of course……Photoshop, the perverter of so many images. He’d been fooling around with his image editing software and left this picture for me to find! OK, so it’s a phony, but I thought he did a pretty good job, and it serves as a reminder that faking things in this digital age is a very simple process, and what you see is definitely not always what you get.

Some things do¬† have a beneficial side though…..I can take advantage of his snap happy nature¬† and refer to his photographs for ideas and inspiration in my own field. I don’t think we’ll tell him that though eh? He did say that it was OK for me to use the following picture which is one of his favourite bits of foolishness – I have to admit that I like it too.

Boys Will Be Boys

Until next time.

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