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I have had to modify my feed address and am asking all my wonderful subscribers to please amend your feeds either by using the Add Me button in the sidebar of my blog or by using the following new url:-


Thank you everyone and apologies for the hassle.



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Hi Everyone

I am making a very quick post today and it’s rather business like. I am going to embark on a blogroll cleaning excercise, the plan being to remove all those who don’t reciprocate. If you are currently on the blogroll and don’t link back to me at present, your link will be removed within the next week or so, unless of course you let me know otherwise ūüôā

My main reason for this is that my traffic is growing rapidly and I think it only fair in this hugely crowded blog world that we give what we get.

If you would prefer more exposure than just a blogroll entry, click on the Links tab at the top of this page and apply for a reciprocal link back to your own site.

That’s all for today, enjoy your Sunday, I’ll be back after the weekend!


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This is not an art related post but one I think will be of interest to bloggers everywhere.

Having only just written a quick help guide on RSS feeds for non techies, I discovered a wonderful blogging tool which users of all blogging platforms will find indispensible. Only wish I’d found it sooner!!

You will notice that I have two new buttons at the top of my sidebar РI have been looking for something like this for an  age and wanted to share the discovery even if it may not be news to many people.

It is the simplest, neatest, most efficient way to add social bookmarking tags to your blog and blog posts. Setting it up is free and easy for people using Blogger, WordPress, Typepad, Moveable Type, MySpace and many others. Having one button for all social bookmark sites and another for feed subscriptions saves so much clutter. Verdict РI LOVE this little tool.

You can see how the¬†buttons work by clicking on them. Want these¬†excellent little¬†add-ons for your own blog,¬†website or ezine? Just sign up at AddThis.com and in ten¬†minutes you’ll be up and running.¬†

Monetize your Website or Blog with BidVertiser 

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I”m looking to build a page on this blog containing links to quality blogs about art, artists, art history, art discussion – everything art really.

The intention is to build something a little more detailed than a simple blogroll tucked away on a sidebar. If you think you would like to see a mini feature on your blog please click on the tab at the top of this page to Links/Blogs and submit your information to us there. We will review all sites sent to us and send you a confirmation once we have inluded your details. This does not imply that we guarantee to list you nor how long it might take!

The only condition is that you add Arteccentrix to your blogroll or links list. I know there are a lot of art blogs out there and how difficult it can be to get noticed, hopefully this will help us all!

Monetize your Website or Blog with BidVertiser

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Tired of checking back on the blogs you like to read for updates? – make things easier with RSS feeds.

If you don’t know anything about RSS, don’t be put off – here¬†is a quick explanation of how to use the feed for Arteccentrix Art Blog.

1) Email subscriptions – look at the sidebar to your right and you will see¬†a “Feedblitz” icon. A new page¬†opens, fill in your email address and click on “Subscribe Me”. Check your email and confirm your subscription. You’re done – each time the blog is updated you will receive a notification in your inbox and you can read new content from there. No software needed, just a couple of clicks – easy!

2) Use the wonderful new subscribe button, top right of the sidebar. Click on it and follow the simple directions – however you organize your feeds this will take care of it.

The url for my feed is http://feeds.feedburner.com/pheedo/WfpR¬†for anyone who prefers to do things their own way ūüôā

(RSS, or Really Simple Syndication, really is simple and¬†can save you so much time. For people using feed readers¬†you probably don’t need this information, but if you would like to use a feed reader rather than one of the options outlined above a good place to start learning about the whole RSS revolution would be A Non Technical Explanation Of RSS¬†– simply written for those of us who are not internet¬†geeks ūüôā¬†

Hope this helps those of you who have been asking.


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This is a bit of a departure for me but has come about because someone asked me this very question the other day. I apologize to readers who find this piece a little off topic but thought I’d give the subject¬†a few lines and share my limited wisdom.

This blog is not monetized – although not in a huge way. When I began this blog it was not designed to generate income, simply to promote art from around the world, including my own work of course. If you would like to know more about sponsored posting and the like, have a look at my page “Blog Arena”

A blog, as everyone will tell you, can indeed make you money and I have learned much from my husband in this regard as he is an avid blogger himself. If you are looking to earn some extra income from blogging there are plenty of blogs out there dealing with that subject alone. Try Blogging and RSS Information or Bloghelp as a starting point.

There IS a lot of information to digest but it will give anybody a real insight into every aspect of blogging, including,but not limited to, profiting from your writing. In addition there are two sister sites which may be of use, Google Adsense Information and Google Information  & Tips. All of these sites contain useful information if you are looking to profit from your blog or website and if you already have some experience in the field you may still learn something new.

There is a lot of reading material at these sites but bookmarking them and learning a little at a time would be my recommendation. There are people out there who really do make a living from their blogs and have even given up their day jobs as a result. If that is your ultimate aim, keep working at it, learn from the success of others and there is no reason why you cannot be making a good income. I wouldn’t go as far as to say you can be financially independent with any great ease, but there are plenty of people sharing their knowledge out there if you care to do the work.

I hope that this information will expand the blogging experience for some readers and wish all you would be bloggers for profit every success in your ventures! Next time we’ll be back to my true passion – art, art and more art!¬†

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Today I just wanted to post something to give my new found CSS tips and tricks an audience. Instructions on how to use some of these cool formatting tools can be found at the excellent website of Mandarin Design Clever looking formatting has never been easier and is as simple as cut and paste. So, if you are looking to add a little more Bling to your blog, this might be a great place to start learning some new tricks.

…original painting “Walks On Water is still available. Make the artist an offer. This painting must be sold soon own it and enjoy it forever…

Yes, I am still seeking a buyer for Walks On Water. If it doesn’t find a new home within the next few weeks I have decided that it will be placed in my next public show here in the UK, along with the other remaining pieces from the series.

Enough. Playtime is over for now, but I would like to recommend my readers to a couple of websites I found during the past few days of wandering the web and the blogosphere. The first is Sucky To Savvy by Jeffrey M. Glover This is a fun and informative site about some of the do’s and dont’s of web page or blog page design. As this post has more to do with such things than my normal fare, this site deserves a mention just because it highlights some of the truly awful dogs dinners some people make in their attempts to create an all singing and all dancing blog. I know that I come across far too many who use some or even all of the “sucky” attributes that annoy the heck out of me. Less is sometimes more folks.

How do I come across all these wonderful and varied websites I hear you asking. I have already mentioned some of the social bookmarking sites but these are the three that I use on a regular basis:-
1) Furl
2) Spurl
3) Blinklist
My last mention has to go to Blinklist as one of my favourites. If you want a place to keep all your favourites I would recommend Blinklist for the simple reason that some of the features they offer are first class for anyone who blogs. You will notice that I have now added a “Blink It” button to all of my blog posts.

If you take a look at the Arteccentrix Links Page, you can see how my Blinklist bookmarks are integrated into the website and it is all achieved with a simple cut and paste. This is another great way to share your favourite sites with your blog readers and remember, if I Blinklist your website or blog, it means an automatic link to your site from mine. It follows of course that anybody using the same set up will be doing the same. Sign up and start discovering and sharing all your favourite places on the web while promoting your own site in the process.

The Arteccentrix Gallery

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