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I found this painting in my archives the other day, which was a bit of a puzzle as I didn’t recall painting it, and I don’t use watercolours! 

Cayman Streets

I thought perhaps it was an image someone had downloaded from the web in the dim and distant past, maybe I had even done it myself. It was so very familiar though……..when I mentioned it to my husband he grinned and came over all mischevious. After having his fun he finally fessed up that he was the one responsible – I was surprised to say the least as he is not the painting kind and how on earth could he have found the time to produce a painting without me knowing a thing about it?

The answer is obvious of course……Photoshop, the perverter of so many images. He’d been fooling around with his image editing software and left this picture for me to find! OK, so it’s a phony, but I thought he did a pretty good job, and it serves as a reminder that faking things in this digital age is a very simple process, and what you see is definitely not always what you get.

Some things do  have a beneficial side though…..I can take advantage of his snap happy nature  and refer to his photographs for ideas and inspiration in my own field. I don’t think we’ll tell him that though eh? He did say that it was OK for me to use the following picture which is one of his favourite bits of foolishness – I have to admit that I like it too.

Boys Will Be Boys

Until next time.

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