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Having been at the gallery for most of the day, this is the first chance I’ve had to really check the blog, and, naturally, this was the day that was quite busy on the commenting front! I’m not complaining, I like nothing more than to see some healthy activity and intelligent comments at Arteccentrix, so, thanks to everyone who took the time.

I’ve managed to get photographs of a couple of recent abstracts, the first one is “Icarus” which, although posted here a few days back was not a very good picture.


The second painting which was painted at around the same time is titled “Newborn Tide” and although the theme is entirely different, the similarity in style is obvious. Both pieces are currently on display at the Morgan Gallery, as I will be myself for another couple of days! If any readers are out there, please do pop in and say Hi!

Newborn Tide

I hope you enjoy them and your  comments are always welcomed. Until next time.



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Back in June of last year I wrote a piece about online art galleries. I think that after all this time, it’s about time to givea quick summary of what the passing of time has made apparent.

1) Hosted online galleries do not bring much in the way of sales of fine art. In the two years since the experiment of registering with several organizations the sum total of sales directly attributable to hosted galleries is four paintings. None of these individual sales amounted to more than a few hundred dollars. I won’t name the various sites, not wishing to denegrate any of their services. I relate this as purely my own experience.

2) There are now so many of these galleries, often hosting thousands of hopeful artisans, that the chances of a visitor stumbling across your work have become less and less likely. Information overload will overwhelm most people long before they make a buying decision.

3) What does sell is very likely to be at the very bottom of the price scale. Few people are willing to spend a lot of money on original paintings if they can’t see them up close and in person. This is quite understandable; I certainly wouldn’t do it, unless I was already very familiar with the artist and their work, and this is not likely to be the case for most artists trying to sell through these channels.

4) Serious art buyers go to galleries, read art publications and know what they like. You are very unlikely to tap into such a market through a free or paid gallery hosted by a third party.

So, is it all doom and gloom, are most starving artists destined to remain that way? (more…)

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Wow, where to begin with this update?

I posted a short time ago about the Million Dollar Race and am happy to say that I have managed to finish at least half of the paintings I hope to exhibit. I’ve not posted any images here yet as I don’t wish to prejudice the pre-show publicity that the gallery are spending a great deal of effort on – thanks Morgan Gallery! I am contributing pieces in a wide variety of styles and sizes, including abstracts, semi-abstracts and representational – for both my loyal readers and my own satisfaction I am allowing myself the indulgence of showing you one painting today…..as yet untitled, this is a monochrome acrylic on canvas

Million Dollar Race Grand Cayman

The show is fast approaching and I still have much to do, but I’m confident now that the paintings will all be finished in time.

Other projects on the horizon are many and varied. I have been commissioned by a private buyer to produce a painting of old Cayman in a similar vein to the Bygone Cayman Series, but on a larger scale – I need to have the picture finished within the next three weeks so the pressure is on for that job! Work has commenced, and so far it’s going well.

The competitions and exhibitions are coming thick and fast too. The McCoy Prize is only just around the corner and after a lay off of a couple of years, I would really like to win the award again….at the moment I am thinking of entering a sculpture and have purchased most of the materials I am going to need – the idea is rooted firmly in my head, all that remains is the execution! (more…)

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Continuing the recent series here at Arteccentrix exploring abstract art, I am publishing another third party’s take on abstraction in its various forms. I think it is fair to say, based on recent feedback, that the debate surrounding the validity of abstract art will rage on and on for a long, long time. I hope that this article will help explain to the uninitiated, a little more about abstract, modern and contemporary painting.

As an artist, abstraction is my first love, to me, there is nothing more challenging or rewarding than completing a painting that I feel is completely original and reflects the emotions, inspiration and maybe meaning that I set out to express.

Defining Abstract Art by Lynne Taetzsch (more…)

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In recent weeks The Morgan Gallery has featured heavily in my posts and I thought it about time to dedicate a little more space to their business on these pages.

The gallery is owned and run by Geraldine Morgan and her husband Steve Byars and is situated in the Galleria Plaza on Seven Mile Beach on Grand Cayman. They established the premises post Hurricane Ivan, having moved to the island in August 2004.  The gallery was soon attracting attention and was featured in the CayCompass in August 2005  which was around the time I was leaving the island for my extended stay in the UK.

Concentrating very much on fine art, the gallery space is very clean and bright and it strikes you when you walk through its doors that the one thing it lacks is the sense of intimidation that often accompanies high end galleries. Its doors are open to everyone who cares to step inside and view the artworks on display, and the floor to ceiling glass frontage encourages you to look inside and see what is going on. The relaxed atmosphere is further enhanced by Geraldine and Steve who welcome visitors with a friendly and professional approach – both are knowledgeable about the art and the artists they represent – they will freely discuss the exhibits and answer questions with a confidence and insight which is refreshing, and their love of art is very evident in their conversation.

Geraldine is passionate about both the business and the art she sells, and although initially the focus of their efforts was to bring fine art from Europe across the Atlantic and into Cayman, they have also embraced many of the local artists; as can be seen from their website. Their involvement and willingness to nurture local talent has been hugely beneficial for the local art community, and has enabled Caymanian artists to experience the pleasure of seeing their work displayed side by side with some well established European talents.

Currently the gallery has work by several local painters – my good friend and fellow Native Sons member Randy Chollette  is enjoying a successful working relationship with the gallery, as is another Native Son, Gordon Solomon. To list all of them here would be a little too much but you can find the current roster of talent at the gallery’s artist pages.

In addition to their exhibits at the gallery several of the artists have an online presence of their own. You can view the work of local artists Avril Ward and April Bending online, and Scottish painter Ian Elliot , also boasts his own website.

Since my return to the island I have been pleased to work with Geraldine and Steve, having granted them exclusive rights as the only private gallery selling my work on the island during my time abroad. I am delighted that since coming back to Cayman, my dealings with them have been mutually beneficial and my decision to continue the association has left me with no regrets.

In addition to selling original works, they have now expanded their business and made the invaluable service of giclee printing available to the artists who are interested in producing and selling high quality reproductions. This is a really excellent service which not only provides an additional income stream for both artist and gallery but also means that buyers who would like to own their own slice of fine art, have every opportunity to do so, even if the original piece is no longer available. Because the gallery produce all reproductions in-house, quality control is first class, and artists will often hand finish prints to ensure the best finish for a buyer’s money – giclees are normally hand signed by the artist too.

If you are planning to visit the islands and love to see fine art, a visit to the Morgan Gallery should be high on your list, and if you are a business looking for art for your premises, or a resident seeking something just that little bit special for your home, why not see what they can do for you? All the artists represented will consider commissions, and all can be contacted via the gallery, so even if that special piece is not on display at the time of your visit, you may still secure that much coveted and dreamed about unique slice of fine art.

All the contact details for Geraldine Morgan are available on the website.

(I was watching an interview on local television before I sat down to write this – April Bending was talking about her work on a local arts and culture programme and to my shock and surprise some of my paintings were nicely displayed over her shoulder – some filming had obviously taken place in the gallery and I was delighted to receive such free publicity 😉 I shall leave my scribblings on that note and sign off for now with a small painting I recently completed called “Catboats and Fishpots”. 

Please do leave your comments on the blog…………….my plea is a genuine one as although I’m seeing a lot of visitors my comment count has gone way way down andthe interraction is one of the things that make blogging fun!

Catboats and Fishpots

Until next time……….Nickola 

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I discovered this new art portal whilst checking through Digg this morning. The site includes art history, styles and movements, schools and thoughts, a wide selection of art books; art links, world’s famous artists, art education and art galleries plus links to countless art blogs. Art lovers and artists alike should find something here to interest them.

read more | digg story

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Before finally leaving the blog alone today I wanted to put up some quick previews of the latest two pieces in the Bygone Cayman series.

With the sale of  “Cayman Alarm” and “Rush Hour” last week, I wanted to make sure that the gallery was provided with replacement pieces, particularly as they have generated so much interest and some buyers have already  expressed the desire to be kept informed when new paintings from the series go on sale. Anyhow, here are the latest paintings, still not varnished and barely dry.

The Shade

This first painting is titled “The Shade” and will shortly be on display at the Morgan Gallery.  As with the rest of the series it will also be made available as a high quality signed giclee print, details of which can be obtained directly from the gallery.

The second painting (the eighth in the series) simply named “Coolin’ Off” can also be viewed there.

Coolin’ Off

I hope you will enjoy them, I’ve had a lot of fun painting this series and each one has surprised me in its own way.

I’ll talk more next time about the other paintings now residing at the gallery, plus some news about upcoming events on the island where I hope to be exhibiting more new work.

I’ve worked enough on this for now but I do have one plea before putting the laptop to bed – Grand Cayman desperately needs an art supplies store. The island is full of creative people and the only reliable store we had has gone out of business. Talking to some friends it seems they have had to resort to making trips to the USA to collect all their stuff – they pool resources and one goes on the buying trip. Ordering online is all well and good but we get truly shafted on import duties here so if there are any entrpreneurs on Grand Cayman, here is your chance! Open an arts supply store where there will be zero competition!!! I’ve run out of white paint and my Dick Blick order from Fed Ex has still not arrived……..aaarrrggghhh.

See you all next time


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