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The Easter weekend is well underway and the Million Dollar Run art show opened successfully on Saturday evening at the Morgan Gallery. The turnout was really very good and opening night proved to be one of the busiest in the gallery’s history.

I’m not at my most comfortable talking about my art, at least not in that type of situation and I busied myself ensuring that guests had champagne, wine, or water readily to hand whilst my husband worked busily away in the back tidying up the fallout of used glasses and empty bottles! I was proud of him, as he was there as a guest, but he’s not a man to shy away from any kind of work and I think he enjoyed the labour. Being a straightforward and no nonsense type, I’m always amazed that he can adjust to pretty much any social situation and he walked around mingling with the artists and guests alike, looking incongruous in his black stetson and denim yet seeming to fit in at the same time, just as he did the previous evening, attending the gala dinner at the Ritz Carlton, where he claims to have felt like a fish out of water.

As it turned out, both evenings were enjoyable, tiring, and thankfully successful for both the sponsors, charities,the gallery and the artists. “Bad Boys” made a very good price at auction on the Friday evening and I was pleased to sell one painting on Saturday evening called “Outlaws”. Several other artists made sales too, so several of us drove home happy!


Now it’s time to get busy for the upcoming shows at the Ritz Carlton and Cayfest so the frame building and stretching continues unabated. Today is the big race so we may find ourselves a spot on the shore to watch the main event and I think tomorrow, when the crowds are gone and the Easter weekend is over, our quiet spot on the beach, under the coconut palms will be an ideal place to take stock and enjoy a tranquil day away from paints and laptops!



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The Million Dollar Race art exhibition is nearly upon me and I finally put the finishing touches on all my paintings this morning before driving them over to the gallery. In all I am displaying eight paintings of various sizes, all acrylic and all on canvas. My hands, arms, eyes, legs are all sore from the frame building, stretching and painting! Yes, I do stretch all my work, by hand, myself.

I am still not ready to show any of the eight pieces online until after the opening night of the show this weekend but I am posting a picture of the painting that will be auctioned tomorrow evening at the Ritz Carlton MDR gala dinner. It is called “Boys Toys” and has been done in a stained glass technique, for want of a better description. Let me know what you think!

Click Here For High Res Image Of Boys Toys

Boys Toys

That’s all for today – I’m beat!


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MDR Invitation 

The fifth annual Million Dollar Run race is around the corner, on Easter weekend,6 to 9 April. The event, which comprises a powerboat race, poker hand and several glamorous parties, has grown to become a fixture on the spring calendar of both the Cayman Islands and the region.

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The above article from the Cay Compass fills in the details of the upcoming exhibition at the Morgan Gallery which opens on April 7 and will run until April 21. 

I am really pleased to be able to confirm that one of the paintings to be auctioned off at the annual gala at the Ritz Carlton to benefit the Junior Achievement charity will be mine, and specially painted for the event. I really hope that it will fetch a good price 🙂

The final preparations for the show have kept me hugely busy so I apologize for not being around to post as frequently as I would like. I’ve attached a copy of the invitations to the opening night and you can read more about the whole MDR weekend in the above article.

Thanks for visiting, I have to get back to work now!


MDR Art Show

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Wow, where to begin with this update?

I posted a short time ago about the Million Dollar Race and am happy to say that I have managed to finish at least half of the paintings I hope to exhibit. I’ve not posted any images here yet as I don’t wish to prejudice the pre-show publicity that the gallery are spending a great deal of effort on – thanks Morgan Gallery! I am contributing pieces in a wide variety of styles and sizes, including abstracts, semi-abstracts and representational – for both my loyal readers and my own satisfaction I am allowing myself the indulgence of showing you one painting today…..as yet untitled, this is a monochrome acrylic on canvas

Million Dollar Race Grand Cayman

The show is fast approaching and I still have much to do, but I’m confident now that the paintings will all be finished in time.

Other projects on the horizon are many and varied. I have been commissioned by a private buyer to produce a painting of old Cayman in a similar vein to the Bygone Cayman Series, but on a larger scale – I need to have the picture finished within the next three weeks so the pressure is on for that job! Work has commenced, and so far it’s going well.

The competitions and exhibitions are coming thick and fast too. The McCoy Prize is only just around the corner and after a lay off of a couple of years, I would really like to win the award again….at the moment I am thinking of entering a sculpture and have purchased most of the materials I am going to need – the idea is rooted firmly in my head, all that remains is the execution! (more…)

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The Million  Dollar Race is on! $100 in FREE Links

This Easter holidays sees the return  of one of Cayman’s most exciting sporting events, but my race begins much sooner. Having been asked to exhibit some pieces for the big day, I have been giving a lot of thought to exactly what I should do for the show. The trouble is I’ve been thinking about it for a tad too long and now my own race is on to get things done in time! I am intending to  produce 6 to 8 paintings and received an email this morning asking for some images for the pre-event publicity – gulp.

There is nothing like a challenge is there? I have until the end of the week so I’m pretty confident it’s a challenge I can rise to and I’m quite excited about the paintings.  Watch this space for how things come along, although the blog may have to take a back seat for a few days.

The event kicks off on Easter weekend, April 13 and you can find out more at the MDR Official Website and a list of a host of other upcoming events on the islands can be found at Caribbean.com

I noticed that my blog was looking a bit bare on the picture front so to end this short posting I’m giving readers a rare glimpse of me at work, with one of my recent pictures titled “Icarus”.  

The Artist Pauses In Her Work

Well, wish me luck, I’m off to try and meet the challenge 🙂

Until next time – Nickola
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